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Savage Hulk F2 (Bruce Banner #5 x (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos) (BULK PACK 100 Regular Seeds)

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: DarkHorse Genetics


Bruce Banner 5 was the more strawberry dom Bruce Banner and sister to Bruce Banner 3.. Kush, Zkittlez, and Strawberries... Finishes in 8-9 weeks .

[(Bruce Banner #5 x (Zkittlez x Dosidos F2)] x [(Bruce Banner #5 x (Zkittlez x Dosidos F2)]

We chose the Bruce Banner #5, which is more of a Strawberry Diesel-dominant phenotype, Compared to the Bruce Banner #3 which is more of the OG Kush dominant phenotype. The #3 test higher and has more recognition around the world due to it winning multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards and High Times accolades, but the #5 test slightly lower. What makes up for the #5 is that she has an incredibly sharp strawberry diesel aroma to her. You can tell if she is around you in the grow, or if she is growing somewhere around. Her straight strawberry diesel candy aroma fills the room, and over powers the facility. We crossed her to the crazy peanut butter and jelly candy male we found from Uprising Seed Co Martyr (Zkittlez x Dosidos F2) to make this Savage Hulk

Savage Hulk will be pretty easy to manage even for the beginner growers out there. If you have a Zkittlez dominant phenotype, it might take a bit more skill. make sure you give her a lot of space. She doesn’t like to be crowded, not too much light, and likes to dry out before being fed water.

These plants should test out around 22-27% THC. She will be a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but you might find some interesting phenotypes that like to stay short and wide due to the Zkittlez traits. You will have fun growing this strain if you are on the hunt for a unique fruity terpene profile.
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