Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take? Will I get a tracking number?

We shipp via USPS priority mail in USA, and USPS First Class mail for all international orders. ALL orders shippied within the USA will get Priotity Mail tracking number upon shipment. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - will get a email upon shipping without a tracking number USPS First class mail does not provide us with tracking information once the package leaves US Customs. In most cases mail takes about 5 days to recieve. International takes about 21 days.

I only got part of my order, or incomplete orders?

The Seed Bazaar Co-Op does not actually hold any seeds, we work directly with breeder reps to bring you deep discounts on the best seeds. All seeds are shipped direct from breeders reps from multiple locations. This means that in most cases you will recieve multiple boxes in mail from each rep if you order more that one breeder. Sometimes they arrive a few days apart. Please be patient as the breeders sometimes are busy traveling etc working shows before they can return to fill orders. (We always aim to fill orders with 5 days)

Can I get a tracking number from each company, if sent seperatly?

Yes! The best way to get a tracking number for multiple breeders orders is to complete multiple orders. Shipping is free so no need to worry about placing multiple orders. Simply make orders by completeing your purchases one company at a time or breeder by breeder, this will create tracking number emails for each company. You can always order with multiple breeders seeds in same order however you will only get one tracking number when the first breeder ships.

Do you offer any Freebies? Discounts?

From time to time the breeders will throw in extra freebies, or tester seeds. The Seed Bazaar does not have any seed to give away. We only work with breeder reps who sometimes have freebies. Join our Email subscription list for discount codes, limited seeds, and exclusive offers

What type of currency for Mail in Orders

PLEASE ONLY SEND IN BLANK US MONEY ORDERS OR USD. We can not take any bills, or coins that are not USD or International US money orders. (Left blank) No more Euro bills please!

Contact Us

Please contact us at for any questions... We will do our best to reply to all mails as soon as we can. We aim to please.. let us know if there is a problem. Also try the login feature to track your orders..