Infinity Gauntlet Package (72 seeds) (ALL ZTONES PACKS INCLUDED!)

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Get ALL the Infinity Ztone Packs and save $$!! With all the Ztones you have ulitmate power!

Strains Included:

1 - Space Ztone 12pk The Space Ztone allows the user to travel across dimensions.

1- Reality Ztone 12pk The Reality Ztone lets them bend reality to their will.

1- Power Ztone 12pk The Power Stone allows them to destroy anything.

1- Mind Ztone 12pk. The Mind Stone has the ability to control the minds of any being.

1- Time Ztone 12pk The Time Ztone lets them see the past and the future.

1- Soul Ztone 12pk The Soul Stone allows the user to steal , control and manipulate dead and living souls.


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